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USB and Wall Charger Set

  • Product Code: A-WUSB-P
  • Availability: In Stock
Tags: chargers


The CIGAVETTE USB Wall 'INTELLA' Charger Set is convenient and hassle free, uses the most advanced technology, and charges your batteries up to 2X faster! CIGAVETTE wall charger adapters are designed for use with any standard electrical outlet. CIGAVETTE 'INTELLA' USB chargers can also be used with approved CIGAVETTE wall and 12v charger adapters and/or separately with any standard PC or MAC USB Port.

  • 1 CIGAVETTE USB Charger
  • 1 CIGAVETTE Wall Charger Adapter
  • Batteries charge up to 2X faster than in a standard USB Computer Port

NOTE: CIGAVETTE Wall Charger Adapters require an approved CIGAVETTE USB charger for use. CIGAVETTE Batteries attach to the CIGAVETTE USB charger and plug into your computer, wall, and/or 12v charger adaptors. Charging your CIGAVETTE batteries using non-approved CIGAVETTE USB, wall, 12v, and/or portable chargers can result in damage to your CIGAVETTE batteries and will void your warranty.

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