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Disposable E-Cigs

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The CIGAVETTE Disposable Electronic Cigarette is the HIGHEST QUALITY and MOST AFFORDABLE option currently available!

CIGAVETTE Premiere series disposables make it easy to give e-cigs a try! While disposable electronic cigarettes seem to be showing up everywhere, only CIGAVETTE disposables have the look, feel, and sensation of traditional cigarettes. 

CIGAVETTE offers a sleek one-piece system that is easy to use. Just open the package and puff away. When you’re done, simply dispose of the used e-cig in your recycle bin.

2 reasons to try CIGAVETTE Premiere disposables vs. other disposable electronic cigarettes: flavor and vapor.

We've perfected our tobacco and menthol flavors to the point where they satisfy long-time smokers. Flavor is important to smokers who are trying to cut down or quit, and so is that “smoke” sensation – the smooth, rich vapor of CIGAVETTE disposable electronic cigarettes satisfies your cravings on every level.

Enjoy a richer vaping experience with CIGAVETTE disposables:

  • See the LED simulated-flame tip glow when you take a puff.
  • Experience the nicotine content of a traditional cigarette.
  • Enjoy tobacco or menthol flavors.
  • Dispose of responsibly when vapor stops – no hassle and no batteries to charge.
  • Enjoy BIG SAVINGS when purchasing larger quantities.

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