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Jump-start your smoke-free future with our PREMIERE 'SUPER' Starter Pack. Our super strength 24mg premiere premium cartridges are made with the highest quality pharmaceutical grade nicotine and produce the thickest, strongest vapor, with each cartridge containing the nicotine found in 25 full or unfiltered cigarettes. CIGAVETTE Super Starter Packs include a sleek 2-piece system consisting of an easy-to-use battery and cartridge. It's the perfect option for those who buy e-cigarettes expecting to enjoy rich, full tobacco flavor and the nicotine they crave, in a smoke-free electronic cigarette.

CIGAVETTE PREMIERE Series Starter Packs have everything you need to use CIGAVETTE's tobacco-free e-cigs! CIGAVETTE uses the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology, ensuring quality and safety in every pack. CIGAVETTE packs are a 2-piece system (battery and cartridge) that is simple and easy to use providing the most value in electronic nicotine vapor devices.

$90 worth of products (if purchased separately). Save $61 by ordering the CIGAVETTE Starter Pack!

For more information on CIGAVETTE products please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website.

Note: Charging your CIGAVETTE batteries using non-approved CIGAVETTE USB, wall, 12v, and/or portable chargers can result in damage to your CIGAVETTE batteries and will void your warranty.


Starter Pack Contents
Batteries 2 CIGAVETTE Premiere 3.09 inch / 280mAh / 4.5v Batteries (Approx. 200 puffs)
Charger 1 USB Battery Charger & 1 USB Wall Power Adapter
Cartridges 5 (Five) Premiere 'SUPER' (24mg) Cartridges (Pre-filled and Heat Sealed) Signature Premium Blend Tobacco Flavor
Case 1 Premiere Carry Case

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