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No tobacco, no nicotine, and no feeling deprived. CIGAVETTE PREMIERE ZERO is here. Get the best of all worlds by enjoying a PREMIERE Zero-vapor nicotine device. The smoking cues are there, along with the familiar satisfaction of inhaling and holding a CIGAVETTE in your hand. The simple 2-piece system produces the electronic cigarette vapor you love, without the negatives of tobacco and minus the nicotine. You cannot buy e-cigarettes of higher quality anywhere else.

CIGAVETTE PREMIERE Series starter packs have everything you need to use CIGAVETTE's tobacco-free e-cigs! CIGAVETTE uses the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology, ensuring quality and safety in every pack. CIGAVETTE rechargeable e-cigs are a 2-piece system (battery and cartridge) that is simple and easy to use providing the most value in electronic vapor devices.

$90 worth of products (if purchased separately). Save $61 by ordering the CIGAVETTE Starter Pack!

Note: Charging your CIGAVETTE batteries using non-approved CIGAVETTE USB, wall, 12v, and/or portable chargers can result in damage to your CIGAVETTE batteries and will void your warranty.


Starter Pack Contents
Batteries 2 CIGAVETTE Premiere 3.09 inch / 280mAh / 4.5v Batteries (Approx. 200 puffs)
Charger 1 USB Battery Charger & 1 USB Wall Power Adapter
Cartridges 5 (five) Premiere 'ZERO' (0mg) NICOTINE-FREE Cartridges (Pre-filled and Heat Sealed) Signature Premium Blend Tobacco Flavor
Case 1 Premiere Carry Case

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